The Rockford Blog was designed for many different reasons (we still have yet to figure out what exactly our true purpose is). However, we have grown since we first began in 2011! Continuing on this bumpy journey, we will keep striving to do things differently. Although our area suffers from the most drastic of weather, crime, and whatever else you can think of, it is still home. And being home is the best feeling in the world.

Send press releases, blog ideas, and anything else to therockfordblog@gmail.com.

If you are interested in blogging with us, please send us an email and tell us why!



10 replies

  1. It will be interesting to see how this develops, moving forward. We at Digital Ninjas Media, Inc. are always seeking ways for our clients to expose their business to more potential customers and clients on a local level. And here, it appears, we have another avenue to explore.

  2. some ideas: follow up articles giving more history regarding the Rockford Peaches, the Coronado theatre. The Rockford symbol — located in Sinnissippi Park — is still a mystery to me — how did it come about? Articles on local manufacturing — what were the first businesses?

  3. The blogs i just read are fantastic. You did a great job with what you brought up. I even learned few things and i hope this stays up and people keep up but posting and helping. This is a great spot for information on our current city. keep up the good work

  4. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. They really are appreciated!

  5. I like it – will definately be interested in further posts, its great to learn about our local history and what is happening currently. Great job Dan!

  6. Very cool! I hope the blog will be used/read well. Thanks!

  7. Very happy to find this today. Rockford is a city full of excellent people and excellent talent. Our past is strong and if we seek to collaborate and pull together to support all of the good, our future will be bright. Thanks for being another great voice.

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