Rockford Proposes Additional Legal Layer To Existing Use Laws On Private Property

Rather than re-invent the wheel, we’re going to take the rare step of connecting to an existing article in The Rock River Times. It outlines the apparent ‘fast-track’ movement of the enacting of a law that would require residents to register additional occupants of their home (i.e. – friends, extended family, etc.) or face fines, as well as defining it and explaining it fairly succinctly. Likewise, it adds additional restrictions which would seem to conflict with existing ones on what one is and is not permitted to do on their on private property.

Oh, and they may vote on it as early as 5:30 this evening (it’s 6:10, as we write this, so it may already be a done deal).

This seems a bit over the top, but perhaps there’s something we’re missing on our end. What are your thoughts, Rockford?


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