Rockford is a Winter Wonderland!

Car-in-ditchIn all of my short 25 years I have never seen such a climactic winter than this winter we are now experiencing. Even the winter cannot make up its mind on whether or not it wants to be cold, snowy, icy, or windy. Sometimes it’s a mixture of two or more and once in awhile we begin to mistake any temperature above 10 degrees for being tropical weather.

You know you live in Rockford, when you think 20 degrees is tropical.

When you take a 30 second walk down the street to your mother’s house and your nose falls off then you know it’s cold out there. “It’s rough out here.”

It’s freaking winter dude!!!! IT’S A FREAKING ICE AGE!

This morning I was driving to work, which sucks because I work almost 2 hours away. But anyways, I was driving to work today, and on US 20 I literally watched a humongous white pick up truck swerve right in front of me to avoid crashing into the person in front of him. The roads were so slick that he chose to sacrifice himself instead of hitting anyone. Although he scared me by swerving into my lane and ultimately into the median ditch, he still may have saved someone else from getting hurt. I hope the driver was okay, because he hit the median pretty hard… thinking back I should have stopped, but traffic was so horrible I may have made things worse just by pulling over.

The truck mentioned above was one of only 8 that I seen on my way I-90 this morning within the middle ditches. It’s rough out here. Come on Mother Nature! You don’t hate us that much do you?

“Stupid humans and their global warming debates, CO2 emissions, and non-recycling pieces of sh*t! Freaking Bill Nye having to debate Earth’s creation!” – Mother Nature

That was Mother Nature saying why she hates us. Rockford, begin recycling and we can do without this crap next year.

But for real, when will this winter come to a close? And will our spring, summer, and fall this year be equally horrendous in its own right?


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  1. Nice to see you blogging again Dan!

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