Secret Rockford is Now Available for Pre-Order

Secret Rockford edited by Michael KleenWith its official release date nearing, Secret Rockford is now available for pre-order.

What do you really know about Rockford, Illinois? Secret Rockford, a new anthology from Black Oak Media, pulls back the curtain to reveal the hidden side of life in the Forest City. Join us as we go behind the headlines to explore the interesting people, places, and events that make our city unique.

Pre-Orders of Secret Rockford will be accepted for one week between January 13 and January 20, 2014. Pre-orders will ship on Friday, January 24, 2014. After that, the book will be available in local retail stores, as well as and for Nook and Kindle e-readers. Secret Rockford will retail for $16.95.

Secret Rockford contains many snapshots of life in the Forest City: A history of Mattison Machine Works. The battle over a mural in Roosevelt Middle School. The story of a simple basketball game with a shoeless youth. The truth about local connections to organized crime. Infamous murders. The day Santa Claus fell from the sky. All are merely a peek behind the curtain, but each contains meaningful truths about our Rockford experience.

Men and women from all walks of life have come together to share their stories in this anthology. They are journalists, teachers, writers, photographers, entrepreneurs, or just average citizens who are being published for the first time. All have a deep and abiding interest in their community.

For information on how to pre-order Secret Rockford, please visit


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