Heath Alberts Publishes Second Novel, ‘Last Rights’

lastrights2Local author, community activist, and The Rockford Blog writer Heath Alberts brings us a new novel called ‘Last Rights. This is his second novel, and third published book altogether. He is also the author of the recently released “The Battery Man“, a short story of a man who wakes up to a lifeless world:

Last Rights is much anticipated by those who are familiar with Heath’s written work. Terminal Beginning, released in April 2010, was read by myself before Heath became a writer for The Rockford Blog. This in turn led me to develop a better relationship with him because I knew this guy might well be on his way to somewhere with his writing magic abilities. This new book, called a “behemoth” by the author, encompasses a whole new world that seems as if immortality is the only thing left for man to conquer. Or is it?


Last Rights can be purchased on Amazon here: Buy ‘Last Rights’

The Battery Man can be purchased here: Buy ‘The Battery Man

“Imagine waking to a world you no longer know. A world devastated by an unknown force. Imagine further that no signs of life exist. Time does not exist. Frames of reference are all but obliterated. This, is the reality of the Battery Man. Join him on his journey of re-discovery, and follow his first-hand assessment of what it truly means to be human.” – The Battery man


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