5th Annual Midwest Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibition

Regional and Local Artisans of Handmade Musical Instruments to showcase at 5th Annual Midwest Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibition

Rockford, IL – On Saturday, September 21, 2013, Rockford, Illinois will be the place to be for the Midwest’s free 5th Annual Handmade Music Exhibition. It will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Emerson House 420 N. Main St. (Emerson House is part of the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center.) There will be live music and presentations all day.

This one-day exhibit of locally handmade musical instruments from area artisans will include acoustic, and electric guitars, theramins, violins, drums and other unique handmade instruments demonstrated by the artisans who built them. Instrument makers will give short presentations of their creations.

Approximately 20 local artisans will display their handmade musical creations and explain how and why they make their instruments. Many instruments will be for sale from a few dollars to several thousand dollars and attendees will be encouraged to play the instruments.

The event is the only one of its kind in the area and will feature the hidden talents of the local community and their ability to take simple materials and construct remarkable musical instruments completely by hand. As an educational event, there will be much to learn about how instruments are made. Instruments will be represented from renaissance to electronic, simple to elegant, amateur to professional at this locally organized free event.

The exposition was created and is organized by Jim Worland and David Stocker. Jim Worland is a nationally known luthier, and Rockford artist, who crafts extraordinary electric and acoustic guitars. His acoustic division, Worland Guitars, builds the finest acoustic creations of custom one-of-a kind guitars. Mr. Worland is also the creator of several different kinds of harp guitars. Jim’s talents have been sought after worldwide and is fast becoming one of the most sought after custom guitar makers in the country. Find out more at http://www.WorlandGuitars.com.

David Stocker, of Dijeridoo Productions, is a Masters graduate of Yale University School of Drama. As actor and singer, David has performed throughout the U.S. and abroad. As a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, David’s talents have delighted thousands of school-age children and adults through his arts residencies in instrument making, his concerts, and his storytelling/musical performances: “Stories of Who We Are”. David is a State of Illinois Arts in Residence whose word has received numerous educational grant awards. Find out more information at http://www.davidstocker.net.

ADMISSION: Admission is free and open to the public.


**Note: this is a press release written by the concerned parties, NOT written by The Rockford Blog.

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