The Writers Blok 2013


Hip Hop Congress of Rockford is bringing “The Writers Blok 2013” to the city, an artistic expression taking place at Sinnissipi Park this August 3rd through the art of graffiti…right in front of the Rockford symbol!

The Writers Blok 2013 will feature 20 artists who will be painting on a saran wrapped wall while crowds can watch their craft come to perfection and completion through the growing popularity of the hip hop element, graffiti. DJs will also be present to keep the show active with music for all ages.

NOTE: “**There will be NO parking at the Nicholas Conservatory.** The trolley will be available to pick up and drop off attendees to and from the event!”

This is an absolutely [FREE] event taking place August 3rd in Rockford and the entire city is being encouraged to join in on the fun and collaborations taking place. Food vendors will be available for all those who wish to grab a snack or a drink. Clothing vendors will also be present where shirts for The Writers Blok 2013 will be available for purchase in limited quantities, as well as shirts that read “I Support Rockford Hip Hop Congress”.

Did I already say this event is [ENTIRELY FREE]?! Invite your family and friends out to The Writers Blok 2013 and experience true hip hop culture in Rockford! Event takes place from 12PM-6PM.


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