Will Inspire: Interview with Local Hip Hop Icon (Video)

Video shot by Jaime Perez
Sponsored by The Rockford Blog, RKFD Collection, Pistolz Productions, RVR3 Make Movement, Hip Hop Congress of Rockford

Dan: What’s up everybody? We got Will Fleming, aka Will Inspire, I’m Dan Creviston from The Rockford Blog. We’re doing an interview today leading up to the RKFD event at Aragona on July 17th. Will, I want to start out with looking back at the early Will Inspire and how that relates to the Will Inspire that we know today. How did your childhood effect the music you put out today?

Will: As of lately it’s given me a lot of topics to speak about. At first starting off I didn’t really touch on some of my experiences as a child. I don’t know if it was because…I think mostly it was because I was just getting started and I didn’t really know what I should put out, what to say, what not to say, but now there’s a lot of stuff I can talk about. I could write a book about my life, autobiography, I feel like music is that for me and it is exciting for me to put it in an artistic form.

Dan: You also said you grew up in St. Louis… you’ve been in Rockford for two years now?

Will: Probably 3 years now.

Dan: Okay, so what about both St. Louis and Rockford, locally, from what you know in St. Louis and Rockford, how does that affect the songs you want to create, the art you want to put out for others to hear?

Will: Are you saying like the experiences in both cities?

Dan: Yeah, I mean, more of the local artists, what sort of effect of local artists in St. Louis or Rockford have in your music?

Will: I definitely gotta say, like, of course Nelly. I feel like seeing him as a child, he was like that local for our city when it comes to St. Louis. As a kid growing up I had all of his albums, he was at different events, he came to people’s schools, and showed up to a lot. I feel like he really sparked in a weird way, hip hop for our city in St. Louis.

Dan: He had a really unique style too.

Will: Yeah man, for me he was one of the first to put us on the map and ya know, I know Rockford has Michelle Williams.

Dan: Yup, she went to Auburn High School.

Will: Yup, so that’ a big move, and I plan to, once I really get out there, I plan to be that good topic to talk about when they bring up both cities.

Dan: So you mentioned Nelly, as far as right now Rockford, are there any local artists that may be bigger, may not be as big, that you see yourself working with in the future, or that you have already worked with and would want to again.

Will: Of course, you know, my man Gabe Gizz.

(Gabe Gizz – Clutch)

Will: We’re like brothers so that doesn’t even count, Murf Murfis, we all..

Dan: Gabe’s doing big things now.

Will: Yeah, definitely we started like at the same time so you know that’s gonna be a good look.

Dan: What about female artists, are there any female artists you want to work with in the future?

Will: Yeah! I want to work with Nooney B, man, cuz I feel like I can use her talents, she can sing and rap.

Dan: Yeah, she’s a good writer, too.

Will: Yeah, she’s an awesome writer. I can use her for her artistic abilities in a different way. I don’t like to just do collabs for the hell of it. I want to have quality, and going back to male artists too, there’s a lot of artists doing their thing and I don’t wanna leave nobody out, I don’t wanna start naming names and then it’s like “dang he left me out that’s my boy!”. One person I do gotta say, and she’s not on the scene yet, I’ve heard her voice, there’s two girls actually, one by the name of Valerie, I have a song with her coming out. And she is just one of them types where I’ve heard sing before. So her and Christina, she’s with our RVR3 Make Movement, she’s an awesome artist man and very unique, very unique voice!

Dan: So does then that create inspiration with you to make your own music, and collaborate with what they’re doing?

Will: Yeah, and make it relate to mine, like me put down the groundwork, and they being like the sample. I’m gonna do something nice though.

(Tom Cruise – Will Inspire)

Dan: I just watched Tom Cruise a little bit before this interview, and you said that it’s something newer, but first of all I wanted to know why the name Tom Cruise?

Will: First of all I came up with the concept first and then I was like “I feel like I’m Tom Cruise”, and it’s weird cuz I just watched mission impossible and like when you listen to the song…

Dan: You say nothing’s impossible…

Will: Yeah! That’s why I came out with the song. I really was feeling like some of my experiences, I was being held back in a sense like people wanna see you do good but not better than them. And like I was just like, “you know what, I cannot be second to first”, especially in my circumstance, so like it was just a little quick something to let people know.

Dan: In the video, too, I noticed you mentioned that was your little brother in the video. That was your brother right?

Will: Yeah, that was my little brother.

Dan: What made you want to get him into the video?

Will: My mom left me with him that day and she was like why don’t you let your brother in the video, and I was like I’m not gonna let this man be in my video…but he really loves my music man and, just, he goes around school with friends and like I was like “how would you like to be in my video” and he was sooo excitedd like “Yo I can be in your video?”. You can only imagine what an 11 year old at his age that goes around his school like “Yo! I’m in my brothers video!!”


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