Greater Rockford Apparition & Ghost Group (GRAGG)

1336969967Travis Dahlhauser and Chad Glovier  thrive when dealing with paranormal activity. Travis is an actor and short film creator, while Chad has been a horror enthusiast, collecting and watching scary movies since he was probably born! Together with their talents and knowledge of the paranormal, Travis and Chad created the Greater Rockford Apparition & Ghost Group, better known as GRAGG,

GRAGG was founded in 2011 in Rockford and paranormal investigations are conducted in Rockford, Northern Illinois, and other places throughout the country. GRAGG’s investigation sites include the Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, the Coronado Theater in Rockford,  and the most haunted place they have experienced is the Manteno Insane Asylum in Manteno, Illinois, which is also dubbed the “most haunted building in Illinois” (video below!).

With the same professional equipment that you would find on Ghost Adventures, their uniqueness comes from them being just a couple of regular people with a passion.

We get scared easily and we’re not afraid to show it. So, to see two regular guys go and – by ourselves – investigate some of the scariest places this country has to offer, we feel is good entertainment. We travel to visit known haunted sites, but we love exploring and finding new stuff or doing free investigations for people who would like us to do that!” – Travis

On the GRAGG website you can find the series “Mission Terror: The GRAGG-ventures“, but you can watch the very first episode below!


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