RKFD presents: J. Cole vs Kanye West Listening Event

RKFDhatsAnother excellent event is today from the boys over at RKFD Collection, who will be presenting new merchandise along with the music of Kanye West’s and J. Cole’s new hip hop albums (check out those new hats to the side!).

The event is taking place today at 7PM within Kortman’s Gallery, 107 N. Main Street, and will feature merchandise from the 2013 RKFD Collection line (limited quantities).

The question of the night, however, is which artist will have the better album? Kanye West seems to have taken an early rating of a better album, possibly due to his celebrity personality, while I have seen other artists in the Rockford area state that J. Cole has an equally good album with “Born Sinner”, if not better, than Kanye’s “Yeezes”.

Hip hop continues to move forward in time, even though many once believed that “hip hop was dead”. Being a resident of Rockford, we can see that hip hop is alive and well and is a big motivator in the arts scene of Rockford.

But Kanye and J. Cole aren’t the only ones dropping today! What about Mac Miller. The “Donald Trump” rapper stated that he really didn’t give a f*** about the competition. He know that his fans will buy his music, and that’s all that matters.

Who do you think will have the best album?


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