Dance to Make Change


Jermaine Robinson, founder of Dance to Make Change has been making some big moves lately. Like so many others in the Rockford area, Jermaine has a unique talent for an art form. His art form is dance. And now he has taken on the movement of Dance to Make Change so that he can show you how dance can inspire young and old folks alike. (Watch YouTube videos here)

Jermaine is a huge supporter of local talent and he has been working hard to set up events in the Rockford area to let the community take part in and hopefully be inspired to make change. He believes that he can show people how “powerful dancing really is and how it can change your life forever.”

One thing I’ve noticed about Jermaine is that his own inspiration comes from not only music and dance, but from his faith as well. It is a great pleasure to have someone who cares about the community this much and wants to make a difference this huge. Especially when we all know the difficulties we are faced with every day in Rockford, Jermaine has provided a breath of fresh air for a lot of youth.

“I raise my white flag and surrender it all for God. I focus too much on what “Humans” think of me instead of what my creator “God” thinks and know of me. About an hour ago my mind went back to when I was homeless in Chicago. I can’t and will never go back! All I want to do is follow God, love everyone, and get to heaven. (Keep pushing)” – Jermaine

I have not yet met Jermaine in person, but I look forward to meeting him on July 6th at Ely’s Dance Fitness, the day that Dance to Make Change will be sponsoring the “Rockford Dance Function” event along with other local sponsors. More info will be provided on this event in the future.


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