Hip Hop Event “Roc the Mic” @ Booker Washington Center this Saturday!

rocthemicThis Saturday, April 27th, 2013, VSOP Melodies will showcase Rockford area talent at the Booker Washington Center located at 524 Kent State Street. I had the opportunity to speak with a longtime friend and creator of the event, Nooney B, so she could fill me in on who and what we can expect. One thing Nooney mentioned is that the event will be bringing generations together through the hosts who are taking part, each from a different generation of hip hop and each providing knowledge and art to their respective works and audience: Xica, veteran of the local music scene, Candy Lady, a female rapper, and Angelica Merez, a young hip hop artist will be the hosts.

Note: The name “Roc the Mic” was conjured up based upon the idea of what you can do with a microphone. So to all performers: ROC THE MIC!

Here is the schedule for the night:

The event will kick off at 6PM with our DJs, our hosts, and band introductions. During this time anyone interested in taking part in the open mic portion (between 7PM-8:15PM) will be able to sign up starting at 6PM. Below is the schedule for the night, accompanied by some notes about the performers and where you may have seen them in the past.


6:20pm- Tribute to Our Father Ft Faith Temple choir


6:50pm- DANCE TO MAKE A CHANGE– A “movement/company that inspires young and old through dancing.”

7:00pm-8:15- OPEN MIC is in this time limit. Sign up for this starts at 6PM!

8:20pm- NATE JON$on

8:30Pm- S.F.E

8:40pm- Justin Saicheck– Local spoken word artist and poet, as well as rapper, “The Last Wordbender” will be hitting the stage just a week after his successful “Rock the Campus” event at Rockford College.

8:50pm- Da Lv Prince

9:00pm- Xica Bowles

9:10pm- Ruddi Moreno– A part of Yung Blaze’s Movement, and Juice Squad

9:20pm- Scooter Jordan– performed at “Best of Rockford”, which took place last March

9:30pm- CG– performed at the All Elements 2012 Festival for the Hip Hop Congress

9:40pm- Will Inspire– aspiring local artist, Will Fleming has performed most recently at “Rock the Campus”

9:50pm- Gina Meeks

10:00pm- Eva Jass-Performed at the “Hip Hop 4 Holidays” event for the Hip Hop Congress

10:10pm- Nuce And The Swagg Band– Recently seen at the NAACP Black History Month’s event which took place at City Hall, All Elements 2012 and performed at Temp Bistro.

10:20pm- Ntysing– Previous performances at the “Juneteenth Festival”, and at The Rave, opening up for Tyga and Yo Gotti

10:45pm- NooneyB– Has performed at the “Best of Rockford”, All Elements 2012, “Hip Hop 4 Holidays” for the Hip Hop Congress

This event is an all-ages event and will also provide water, juice, and small snacks. Remember, anything with a mic that can be accomplished is welcome to a performance. Music genres featured will encompass gospel, and will be hip-hop oriented with poetry and spoken word elements. Joe Caruso will be filming the event and Joe B Merriman will be the DJ, as well as the sound and lighting master.


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