Things You Should Know for April 23rd, 2013

Things you should know for April 23rd, 2013

All links below provide information on things you should know going on in your hometown of Rockford, Illinois. All sources are Rockford news leaders and are relevant to community issues.



What microloans mean to small business owners: Microloans are something many small business owners need, but are unable to get due to the high risk and low return for banks who lend microloans. Accion Chicago allowed one business ower an opportunity to receive the small amount that he needed. What can this organization do for your small business?

RPD selling naming rights?: In order to create another revenue source to “offset tax dollars and fees residents pay to use facilities”, the Rockford Park District may be selling naming rights to area attractions, which could make them up to $315,000/year.


District 205 elementary school renovations moving forward: Construction work at Conklin, Lathrop, and Spring Creek elementary schools have seen bids released which will ultimately conclude in new “gymnasiums, classrooms, art and music rooms, as well as bathrooms and storage areas, lighting, foundation work and exterior finishing.”

Local students get W.I.U. scholarships: Six Rockford students received $8,000 scholarships to cover room, board, and tuition for Western Illinois University.


Roundabout at N. Main & Auburn: Today begins a “headache” for drivers who must now focus on smaller lanes. No left turns are permitted at the intersection, and no access will be available from King Street and Myott Street.


Governor Quinn asks FEMA for flood help: In order to provide documentation for flood victims and receive federal assistance, assessments will begin in Illinois on April 29th. Our governor “surveyed” the damage from the ground and air and he has declared that he will take every step to get help from the federal government.

Reclaiming First decision gets delayed: An old factory building that once was the Rockford Watch Company is in a small debacle. The idea is that the land will be used as a parking lot for the future indoor sports center. The problem: the price of the property. Aldermen also want information on the maintenance costs of the part of the building that will NOT be demolished for historic preservation (?).

Rock the Campus Recap

Rock the Campus Reflection: Justin Saicheck’s guest post on The Rockford Blog is his reflection of the event that he worked so hard with others in the community to successfully bring out artists, dancers, and musicians into one place.


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