2nd Annual ‘Rock the Campus’ April 17th-18th at Rockford College

rockthecampusThe second annual ‘Rock the Campus‘ has returned for 2013 at Rockford College; this time, for TWO days! Justin Saicheck (The Last Wordbender) will once again be hosting this event, the biggest of the year for the Hip Hop Congress of Rockford.

An exciting time indeed, for this event will host very notable/influential members of the audience, and will bridge gaps between a somewhat misunderstood hip hop culture and community leaders who are now more than willing to embrace the effect that the Hip Hop Congress has had on Rockford in recent memory. This is our time to finally show our stuff!

So what’s going on at the event(s)? – Check out the Rock the Campus website here.

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 (Precursor to main event)

Where: Rockford College (Regents Hall); 5050 East State Street

When: 6PM-10PM

What: Bboy Fresh

  • 6PM- Open BBoy session
  • 8PM- Workshop led by Bboy Kid Jungle
  • 9PM- Screening of Kid Jungle Documentary

Why: B-boying is an extreme part of the hip hop culture, originating from “African American and Latino American youths in New York City in the 1970s”

Thursday, April 18th, 2013 (Main Event)

Where: Rockford College (Regents Hall); 5050 East State Street

When: 6PM-11PM

What: Main Event

  • 6PM – Music Production workshop led by Soleternity
  • 7PM – “Women’s Role in Hip Hop” Discussion Panel; moderated by Ruthy Bates and featuring Jazz Keyes, MizDaGreat, Anabel Morales, NaShira Bailey, Nooney B, and Tationa Elliot
  • 8pm – Open Mic (first come first serve)
  • 9:45PM – Live Musical performances by Pair-A-Dice, Will Inspire, Peoples, Nuce and the New Live Band, Hustle & Culture, The Gossip Structure aka Chicago Fresh

Why: The second annual Rock the Campus event is the biggest of the year for the Hip Hop Congress of Rockford. Spoken word, poetry, discussion on women’s roles in the hip hop culture, b-boying, music production: these are all elements of what hip hop was, is, and will always be.

I stress the importance of attending such an event for multiple reasons:

1) Networking- are you into music? Hip hop? Dancing? Poetry? Spoken word? The best Rockford dancers, spoken word artists, and hip hop moguls will be attending this event. Be here to meet them! But that’s not all, you can also meet people in city government who will also be attending.

2) Merchandise- You can support the growth of the hip hop community and the growth of the Hip Hop Congress by showing support through acquiring new gear for your collection. Baked goods will also be for sale (brownies), as well as clothes from different brands around the city. There will also be a photo booth for the audience to take part in.

3) Experience- My experience from last year’s Rock the Campus left me holding onto how I, myself, could help out and take part in the development of the culture. This event gave me motivation to continue my blog, so I ask one question: What can this event do for you? It’s up to you to find out.


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