Can we promise a future for our students?


Are there any companies in Rockford that are willing to fund scholarships for students?

But not only fund scholarships for students…

Are there any companies in Rockford who fund scholarships for students with the promise, or commitment, to hire them upon completion of their degree or certificate program?

I understand the implications for promising such an opportunity to students…but has anyone tried to implement such an incentive?


  • Students receive higher education with the promise of a post-graduation career position
  • Sponsors are Rockford-area businesses who are funding education for their industry’s skill needs
  • Students can feel a sense of worth, and have an increased incentive to work harder due to the fact that a better life is waiting for them once they complete their degree
  • This program could very well make it easy to align area business and educational goals

Cons – How could a business promise such an opportunity? So many things to think about!

  • What if the business starts to go downhill after they already promised a career to post-graduation students?
  • What if the student decides they no longer want to pursue the degree or certification?
  • How could a business really promise that they could not only provide a job, but a well-paying job, and a secure job, nonetheless

We usually leave it up to the students to ride on their own path when giving them scholarships, with most requirements only depending on academic success, and at the very least, the degree or certificate program must be in a certain, but broad, industry. Could we possibly give them keys to their own path, but also provide them a map in a more specific direction? And provide them opportunities to learn advanced skills for specific careers that we need a work force for in Rockford?

I am sure there are more pros and cons to think about..this is be a BIG idea! Ideas can be outrageous, but one big idea leads to may more ideas and more realistic goals.

Who else is talking about this?

(Discussion preferred)


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