Rockford Elections Tomorrow!! But will YOU vote?

Tomorrow is the day folks. Tomorrow is the day that we all rejoice and gather for short lines at the voting polls. Tomorrow is the day we DON’T make change!


YOU get out there and be the change. If there is anything that urks or twirks or nags at my soul…it is people that wish change to come to them like a rabbit out of a hat without….YOU GUESSED IT!!

Without moving.

Please move tomorrow, Rockfordians, and get out there and vote! You don’t like the Mayor? Then vote for one of the other two candidates..WAIT…you don’t know their names?

Fine, fine…look below:

Michael Kleen (Republican)

Jim Hughes (Democratic)

Above are the other two candidates running to be our city’s next mayor. Those are their Facebook pages, but I URGE you to search for them in your newspaper, or local news source so that you may make your own decision. A decision that fits YOUR needs!

Locate your local alderman candidates within your source as well. I leave it up to you to find that info

If you don’t vote for anyone tomorrow, please don’t complain about changes not being made. Even if you feel that all politicians are corrupt, there will never be any progress if we give up.

If you want to know something, only a handful of people in our city may vote and in turn will decide what our futures hold in the city of Rockford.

Want change? Be change. Don’t vote for the candidates. Vote for yourself.


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  1. Yes, I have attended the forums, conducted research. I am informed and empowered.

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