Form a Neighborhood Group – a way to bring your hood together

This post is about a website that a Rockford citizen sent over to me regarding neighborhood watch groups that hold each other accountable for working towards low crime in their respective neighborhoods.


Miranda Buell, Rockford citizen and user of the website,, implemented this program in Churchills Grove since the increase in crime. She states that even though the crime was the reason she started using NextDoor, it has created an opportunity for the neighborhood to come together and converse, especially as they prepare to start having Sunday neighborhood gatherings.

Miranda stressed to me that she thinks this would be fantastic information for the rest of Rockford to know about so that neighborhoods may have a way to connect, especially if you happen to NOT know your neighbors down the street. It develops more trust and accountability in the neighborhood, something that is hard for a lot of people to do anymore.

It is sort of like a “neighborhood Facebook.” It is easy to sign up. Just choose your neighborhood area and see if any of your neighbors are signed up, if not then you will be the first – congrats! Be proactive about getting others in your neighborhood to join as well.

A newsletter is being written by Miranda and her neighborhood, and I think this is a very good model for other neighborhoods to follow. I am impressed with how enthusiastic she has been about the success of their neighborhood group.

Her words: “It has really invigorated our hood.”


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