Events for this today Friday, April 5th

WOW. Tons of stuff going on this weekend on my Facebook events page. This is mostly due in part to the Rockford Area Arts Council’s Art Scene 2013. There are probably more events going on, so I encourage any readers who do not see an event or anything going on this weekend in this post to please let me know and I will be sure to add it. Below there will be links to the Facebook event pages for the various events and a short description of location, time, and purpose.


Friday, April 5th

  • Spring ArtScene @ Katie’s Cup: Rockford Spring ArtScene is coming to Katie’s Cup! Friday April 5th, and Saturday April 6th we’ll be open until 9 p.m. We’ll be showing art pieces from many local artists. Food and Coffee Bar drinks will be available. This will be taking place today and tomorrow, April 6th.
  • Spring ArtScene at Toad Hall: Friday and Saturday April 5 and 6th we are hosting three different artists. Kevins Shoonhoven, Brina Wicklund and Aaron Dodge. All will have their unique art displayed. We are open till 9 both Friday and Saturday!
  • Art Scene at Rockford Art Deli: Toy Makers from all over the world gather to show you just how fun it is to be a kid again! Some will give you flashbacks while others will have you scratching your head, wondering what was combined to make such a creation. Set your imagination free, and leave all adult-like inhibitions at the door. This is a ride you definitely want to be on.
  • Rockford aRt.cade presents: 8-BIT ART GALLERY: Rockford aRt.cade will be participating in this year’s “Spring Art Scene” by presenting “8-BIT ART GALLERY”. Local artists will be presenting mixed media work all focused on the art and music of games. All ages welcome! (and encouraged!) —-Hours: Friday 5-9p, Saturday 3-9p
  • Poetry & Music with Christopher D. Sims, John O’Connor, Nic Juric, and Jan Sebon: A night of spoken word poetry, conscious and creative lyricism, harmonies, melodies, and singer, songwriter material from regional artists. A night that’s sure to be entertaining. Combining some of the areas best talents. John O’Connor is a lyrical artist and a member of the trio Ladder to the Sun. Nic Juric is a singer, songwriter with diverse talents and moving melodies. Jan Sebon is a Haitian artist with universal melodies focusing on original sounds. This show is free. Diversity we’re looking forward to, in an intimate setting.
  • Art Show: The Art of Disaster: Spring Art Scene: THE ART OF DISASTER. Community art show supporting local Guerrilla Art and Radical Direct Action. Come paint the walls, party hard and buy some great art. All proceeds will go to support local guerrilla art action.

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