Things You Should Know for April Fool’s Day

Things you should know for April 1st, 2013

All links below provide information on things you should know going on in your hometown of Rockford, Illinois. All sources are Rockford news leaders and are relevant to community issues.


First Free fixes up Sanctuary: For the first time in 20 years, the church on Mulford Rd. has been renovated and reinvented with new carpets, ventilation systems, a new roof, and new a sound system. About 1,600 attend the church, but there is an anticipated growth coming with the new renovations being completed.


Restaurant that specializes in southeastern Asian food, opens: Melissa Westphal of the Rockford Register Star highlights a new restaurant opening in Rockford called JC’s Sunnyside Restaurant on 18th Avenue. All kinds of southeastern Asian food is on the menu including “Lao, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese food.”

Video Poker a problem in Rockford?: Video gaming is quite popular in Rockford, providing entertainment in over 25 bars in the Rockford area. This type of gaming is growing in the area, yet Rockford alderman see the growth as a negative. Many factors should be thought about: building type, minimum requirements of patrons, safety hazards, etc.

Social media works for Rockford: Based on the social media use of our Rockford Mayor and Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson, this WREX article by Lauren Reimer examines the benefit of social media for local business owners. The article also hints at the fact that many people have great things to show others, but getting that face-to-face interaction is something that is very hard to do in today’s day and age. Another good point the article points out: social media is free!!


Illinoisans want a minimum wage hike: Well, the ‘majority’ want the hike. Just below 60% of Illinoisans would want to see a minimum wage hike to $10 an hour according to The Crain’s/Ipsos poll, which is a “representative survey of voting-age Illinois residents conducted over the Internet.”

Mayor & transportation officials meet: Mayor Morrissey met with important figures in the transportation game about projects that are coming up soon. The goal is to invest in transportation, which should include a rail service and investments in the state highway and tollway systems.


Fred Van Vleet interviews with ESPN: Our Auburn Knight alumni Fred Van Vleet came off yet another Shocker win against Ohio State, (who personally was my favorite to win it all). ESPN’s Myron Medcalf interviewed the freshman, who was two points shy of the team high. Matt Trowbridge writes that Van Vleet may as well be a sixth starter, considering he played 24 minutes in the game against Ohio State.


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