Things You Should Know for March 29th, 2013

Things you should know for March 29th, 2013

All links below provide information on things you should know going on in your hometown of Rockford, Illinois. All sources are Rockford news leaders and are relevant to community issues.


Jobs training program for homeless in danger: A $90,000 grant that a jobs training program for homeless in Rockford is in danger of being cut as the Department of Housing and Urban Development shifts money around “to primary services that keep people alive and reducing money for support services.”

Driver’s License location coming back to west side: On April 2nd, a ribbon-cutting event will take place to open a location for west-side citizens who need to make changes in regards to their driver’s license.

Chuck Sweeney provides helpful strategy to fixing west side: He says “Tear down Church School, now!” It seems that over the years there are two distinct groups of people: those who hold on to the past, and those who wish to move forward. By this, I mean that in order to grow as a community on the west side, then Chuck is right when he says we need to tear down old vacant and condemned buildings, and not succumb to community pressure for the old, ratty buildings to be made into unsafe havens.


Woodman’s expands its organic and natural foods selection: Woodman’s in Rockford has converted extra warehouse space into two extra aisles full of natural, organic, and gluten-free foods. Apparently this has made a couple people very ecstatic, as some of the offerings at Woodman’s include products that you had to travel closer to Chicago suburbs for. Shifting to a natural an organic offering is a trend in the grocery food chains as Americans move to eat and cook healthier.


Wichita St.’s Fred VanVleet helps push Gonzaga out: Rockford Auburn High School Alumni Fred VanVleet was a star player on the Auburn squad during his tenure in high school. Now his success has gone even further, as he is a a freshman on the team that surprised the entire NCAA league with their win against Number 1 ranked Gonzaga.

Jay Taft of the Rockford Register Star writes “Van Vleet was prevalent in crunch time, scoring seven of his 13 points down the stretch, including four clutch free throws that went through in the final 40 seconds of a 76-70 upset victory over No. 1-ranked Gonzaga on Saturday night.”


Education and manufacturing not aligning: Our manufacturing sector in Rockford is up for the benefit of the community, yet we haven’t got the talent. The key to all issues is education, but not just education as to learning how to do a job. Education as to what manufacturing has evolved into since its inception in Rockford. Rockford site leader for G.E. Aviation David Forward says that “manufacturing is not what your parents used to do.” This is true, as back-breaking as manufacturing seems, the industry has evolved into something more efficient and clean.

We also need to get youth interested in their life after school, possibly through the skills in advanced manufacturing!!


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