Marriage Equality at its Finest in Rockford

Get with the program you old farts!! Rockford has become a part of the marriage equality movement by supporting the new equal sign image that represents quality for EVERYONE! Yes, EVERYONE!

It is quite fantastic to see so many wonderful followers of The Rockford Blog, local leaders who make an impact in the community, and ordinary citizens take part in the same cause. It goes to show that the generations have changed over the past few decades. It goes to show that America has evolved from its roots to something more powerful through equality and democracy. Of course, there will always be debates of the nature vs nurture and good vs evil issues, but let’s face it: the people who need the support of equality are just like the rest of us. This will be a continued fight for decades to come, just as it has been for African-Americans and women. But at least the fight has gained ground in the country, bringing the attention to media networks and what not.


I am feelin’ the love, Rockford!



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