Things You Should Know for March 15th, 2013

Things you should know for March 15th, 2013

All links below provide information on things you should know going on in your hometown of Rockford, Illinois. All sources are Rockford news leaders and are relevant to community issues.


Sports Tourism

The Pros and Cons of Sports Tourism: In response to the prospect of building a new amateur sports complex in Rockford, with the goal of making Rockford a tourist attraction when it comes to sports, I have found this article explaining how sports tourism can affect a host community. Not only do citizens feel a sense of community when hosting big time sporting events (something I think we could strive for with this new complex), but quality of life can be increased by the increased tourism even many years after a huge event.

Wouldn’t that be something if one day, the Olympic games could be held right here in Rockford, Illinois? – No dream is too big


Rockford and Etsy partner to create opportunities for citizens: Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson and Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey spoke through Twitter about starting an Etsy economy. This ballooned into Rockford’s own Etsy team joining in the conversation, and voila! we have a program in place to teach entrepreneurship and craftsmanship through the Etsy platform. Check out the video highlighting this partnership from Our City, Our Story. Also, read the article on The Rockford Blog.

Rockford events for this weekend: The Rock River Valley has some events up its sleeves this weekend, where we will see the St. Patrick’s Day parade, a musical at the Coronado, a “bubble” festival at the Discovery Center, as well as a Gospel concert and a tribute to Women’s History Month at Midway Village.

Business & Government

Casino going to Roscoe instead of Rockford?: Apparently there are other municipalities in the Rockford region who would love to split the tax revenue 50/50 with Winnebago County. Mayor Morrissey has expressed distaste at the fact Senator Dave Syverson would have it that way if a casino was brought to Rockford. However, the Roscoe city government feels that Rockford needs a little “push” by offering their own town up for casino placement. The mayor has much work to do regarding negotiating with Senator Syverson and his other constituents.

I-90 expansion could create 120,000 jobs: The expansion of I-90 into a 6 lane highway has the possibility of creating 120,000 jobs for the Rockford area region, according to some experts with the Illinois Tollway. This will also make commerce better for the region, as  routes getting to different parts of the city will be improved on bridges and exits.


Auburn & Keith Schools square off in quiz bowl: Auburn High School has won 12 straight sectional titles in the quiz bowl, while Keith Country Day School has won 3 sectional titles in a row. Questions asked during the scholastic bowl revolve around math, science, social studies, as well as language arts and literature, and fine arts. The Knights last won the state title in 2008, and have since placed in the top 4 every year.

Golden Apple Awards given out to 5 area teachers: Teachers from Rockford area schools received the prestigious Golden Apple Award on Friday, March 15th. Taken by surprise, the deserving leaders of teaching Kathryn Linden from East High School, Jilian Reints from Belvidere High School, Michael Winebrenner from North Boone Middle School, Michael Lantz from Guilford High School, and Bethany Pitman from Rockford Lutheran High School. Congratulations to all of you!


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