Etsy & Rockford Partnership Highlighted by Our City, Our Story

ourcityourstoryEpisode 15 of Our City, Our Story, “Opportunity in the Making“, aims to highlight the fantastic opportunity that Etsy and Rockford have created together for the local community.

The partnership has gained so much traction, momentum, and attention that Etsy featured the story on their news blog. You can see that post here. Much is to be said about this new partnership, which will boost our entrepreneurial spirit and skills for our students in Rockford, Illinois.

So what will exactly happen?

Well, in September of this year, Rockford teachers will begin teaching a “diverse range of students” that entrepreneurship and economic opportunities are within reach if you have a crafts skill. This “Craft Entrepreneurship Curriculum” will use Etsy’s platform and marketplace as the go-to center for learning about opportunities within reach.

Social media played a huge role in bringing the city of Rockford and the craftsman organization together. On the social media site Twitter, Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey sent the following tweet to Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson:


From here, Rockford Etsy team leader Kari McDonald chimed in, encouraging a partnership to take place. Eventually, Chad Dickerson noticed the tweet and, well folks, all is history. Our mayor was able to bring together a critical part in his “Pathway to Prosperity” plan by creating an opportunity for our citizens to put their skills to work in an entrepreneurial way.

With Rockford’s history as a manufacturing industry, our citizens are naturally skilled with their hands, and much more brighter with their brains. A partnership with Etsy allows those with the skills, who also lack the job, to begin training on how to become an Etsy seller, or even better yet, a homegrown Rockford based business.

Check out these links below for more info:

Episode 15: Opportunity in the Making

Etsy News Blog talks about Rockford partnership


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