Things You Should Know for March 12th, 2013

Things you should know for March 12th, 2013

All links below provide information on things you should know going on in your hometown of Rockford, Illinois. All sources are Rockford news leaders and are relevant to community issues.



Fairview Early Childhood Center receives 400 free books: Fairview Early Childhood Center was chosen out of thousands of communities in 39 states to receive a dontaion of 400 books to the children who attend the center. Some big names handing out the books on Monday included Senator Steve Stadelman, Joe Sosnowski, John Cabello, and Chuck Jefferson.


Chuck Sweeney Says Rockford makes smiles: Chuck Sweeney discusses the various slogans that Rockford has taken on over the last 3 decades. Very interesting, considering the change of attitude between slogans.

Reality Show coming to YMCA Community Dinner: On March 20th, the inaugural YMCA Community Dinner will be held from 5:30 to 9 PM at Giovanni’s. Among the guests, Bill Rancic from reality TV show “Guiliana and Bill” will have his film crew in order to record the events taking place. The popular Our City, Our Story episode “Handcuffs to Handshakes” will be featured during the event.

Rockford sells most homes in 5 years: February 2013 seen a huge bounce in home sales for Rockford, the highest amount of homes sold in 5 years. According to this online staff report from Rock River Times, year-over-year sales are on the longest run in local housing history, rising 19 out of the last 21 months.


Rockford schools updating locks on doors: Rockford schools will be using about $1 million to update school locks on classroom doors in order to keep children and faculty safer while in class. Other additions may be better security for unknown visitors who enter, where they will be held in a locked room with the only way out is back outside until someone lets them in.


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