Press Release: Color the Mayoral Vote in Style

**Note: This is a press release sent for the purpose to share on The Rockford Blog

Color the Mayoral Vote in Style

Rockford, IL, March 11, 2013- This April 9th, Rockford can vote for their favorite Mayoral Candidate in colorful style with Colorlab Cosmetics “Color the Vote” Campaign. All three of the Rockford Mayoral candidates have custom created their very own signature lipsticks with the local Colorlab Cosmetics team. Starting Tuesday, March 12, people can come into the Colorlab Cosmetics boutique located in the Mid-Town District, at 1112 Fifth Ave, and purchase their favored Mayoral candidate’s lipstick, simply by stating “Team Hughes”, “Team Kleen”, or “Team Morrissey.” Each lipstick will be sold for $20, and of that $5 will go towards a local non-profit of the Mayoral Candidate’s choice;  Mayor Morrissey selected Alignment Rockford, Jim Hughes-YouthBuild, and Michael Kleen-Rosecrance.


Each Mayoral Candidate, came into Colorlab Cosmetics with family members or volunteers to work on their featured lipstick. Micheal Kleen who brought in a campaign volunteer, Nanette Fabros, created a full bodied deep rose and named it, “Rockford Rose”. Jim Hughes and wife Gail Hughes, made, “Youthful,” a soft mauve with a champagne shimmer. And Mayor Morrissey, along with wife, Stacy, and his oldest daughter, Seanna, crafted “Sheer Sizzle,” a sheer red-brown with a gold shimmer.

The idea behind “Color the Vote” is to celebrate a woman’s right to vote, motivate civic engagement, and support a cause. Colorlab Cosmetics had done a similar campaign at their Chicago and Rockford boutique for the 2008 Presidential Election. It engaged both customers and voters to be involved in the race.

Colorlab Cosmetics is an international, award winning, locally owned and operated cosmetics manufacturer in Rockford since 1996 and  the only cosmetics manufacturer in the Norther Illinois region.Known for custom blending and hand crafting products in real time before the customer’s eyes,they also have their own custom blending and ready to wear line of makeup products sold at the Colorlab Cosmetics store, located at 1112 Fifth Ave., Rockford, IL 61104.For more information on Colorlab Cosmetics visit their website or follow them on their Facebook page.


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