Bookworm Bakery & Cafe: Business Profile


Business Name and address

Bookworm Bakery & Cafe 6685 E. State Street Rockford Il 61108


Rhiannon Stanuch

When was the business first started?

Opened May 6th 2011

What industry is your business in? What does the business offer (description of services)?

We are a full service bakery & cafe and coffee shop that specializes in traditional and allergen friendly foods.

Any contributions to the community (i.e. – food drives, clothes drives, donations, etc.)?

We make many contributions to the community including: Food drives year round for the food pantry, donations for carpenters place, Operation Social Santa, we also run enrichment programs in the form of Poetry Slams, Improv workshops, Comedy open mic, regular open mic, Comedy showcases, singer song writer nights, random acts of music, farmers market cooking classes, full community art gallery, and specialized menu planning for allergens and alternative lifestyle foods (ALL FREE!).

Contact information – phone number, name of contact, e-mail (optional), website

Our contact info: 815-966-2797 Talk to any of our staff members,,, see everything in our case daily at our Facebook page and follow us on twitter @bookwormbakecaf.

Anything else we should all know as consumers about your business?

Things you should know is that we are proud members of Winnebago Buy Local, we love our giant knitting and writing groups that come in, and we always want you to Let Your Freak Flag Fly!


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2 replies

  1. Rhiannon is one of those rare individuals whose passion drives her business. Her desire to make Rockford a better place by any means that she may has led her to do more outreach work than one could ever imagine – or expect – from a business of her size. If nothing else, we recognize her worth to Rockford, and appreciate her efforts more than we could ever put into words.

  2. You will never regret coming to this place.

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