Things You Should Know for March 1st, 2013

First off, I had a fantastic time listening to the speakers and viewing the performances at City Hall last night, celebrating Black History Month!!

One of the most captivating quotes I took away from the event:

“The focus should be specifically on our youth. They need to know we care about them.” – Nate Martin

Articles for March 1st, 2013

All links below provide information on things you should know going on in your hometown of Rockford, Illinois. All sources are Rockford news leaders and are relevant to community issues.


Possible Meijer grocery store coming to Rockford: The land on Perryville and Rote Rd. may soon be constructed into a 400,000 foot mini mall, housing retail outlets centered around the major superstore grocery chain Meijer.


Federal government sequestration will have affect on Rockford: Representative Kinzinger gives his view on how sequestration will affect the Rockford job industries. Defense spending, prisons, education, and national parks all face cuts.


Galapagos Rockford Charter School recognized for growth: Galapagos Rockford Charter Schools is recognized for growth year over year by the Achievement Network; the HIGHEST growth in the Illinois network.


Aviators sponsoring Marinelli Field: The “new” Rockford Aviators will be leasing Marinelli field in order to host youth tournaments in baseball and soccer, as well as concerts, for the Rockford community.


Rockford Resident advocates for mentally ill: “Mental illness affects 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 10 children in the U.S., according to NAMI, but mental health funding is one of the areas where lawmakers have slashed spending in recent years.”


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