Come to improv group! We have imaginary nachos!

How would you like to have infinite power over your surroundings? You would? Well, that’s too bad, because your surroundings are made up of “normal people” that “behave rationally” and “solid objects” that “follow the laws of physics”. BUT, how would you like to play some games where you have infinite power over your surroundings? Eh? Decent consolation prize? Read on.

You are invited to a diabolical twice-a-month Happening called Rockford Improv. You are going to make up things. Ridiculous things. More ridiculous than those last two pages of your junior research paper. However, because this is improv, the ‘just go with it’ pastime, you will not be asked to apologize for making things up, and in fact, other people are going to help.

The only rule of improv is, “Yes, And.” You say, “Welcome to Fox in a Box, Mr. Typewriter Feet!” and your fellow player is morally obligated to say, “Yes! We are in a place called Fox in a Box. I am Mr. Typewriter Feet. And … a fox just bit me.” What will happen next? Do you have enough bite cream for the fox-pocalypse? Is somebody going to use your feet to write a term paper? I don’t know, but we’re about to find out.

“But Angela!” I can hear you whimpering. “I am far too timid and mild-mannered to participate in improvisational comedy!” Well, my friend, I was once like you, before I got the hell over it. This is fine arts for the terminally noncommittal: no auditions, no lines, no attendance sheets, and a zero-pressure environment that boils down to you and your friends hanging out in a cafe being silly. If you still aren’t comfortable with the idea, you are very welcome to come, watch, shout out suggestions, laugh loudly, and bask in our comedic glory. Also, we are eventually going to put on an actual show, but we try not to plan too far ahead because, well, then it wouldn’t be improv.

So come on out to The Bookworm on East State Street on Thursday, March 7th at 6:30PM. Because otherwise the foxes win.

Rockford Improv can be contacted via the Rockford Improv Facebook page, or by passenger pigeon.


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