Articles for Thursday, February 21st, 2013


All links below are from local news leaders and provide information on things you should know about your hometown of Rockford, Illinois.


Rock Valley College Goes Green with ‘Green Club’: The Sustainable Energy Club at Rock Valley College looks to find sustainable energy sites in our area. They want YOU to let them know where these sites are located. Have you seen any? (Video)

Business & Government

Neighborhood Groups face funding dilemma: Groups in the Rockford area, including The Element, the group responsible for Friday Night Flicks, are facing a dilemma: funding used to make these family events possible are being taken away. Considering the popularity of Friday Night Flicks, what effect will this have on the Rockford community as a whole? Note: Friday Night Flicks is not the only event being effected by this dilemma. (Video)

Prime opportunity along I-90 for Rockford business development: There is ample opportunity for business development along I-90 for Rockford. How can citizens and the local government seize this opportunity and move forward with rebuilding?

Rockford City Market hosts vendor workshop: Tomorrow, Friday, February 22nd, people looking to have a increase or start their own business in Rockford will have a chance to learn about the application process and other regulations, as well as tools to help you succeed. How many of you are business owners? What would you offer if you could be an entrepreneur in Rockford?


Anti-Gun Violence Rally Downtown: Tomorrow, February 22nd will be an anti-gun violence rally in downtown Rockford starting at 12:15 at the Federal Building, 211 S. Court St., Rockford. Will you be there? What is your stance on gun control in America?


Winter Weather Advisory across our local areas: Tonight, we will see heavy snow come during sleeping hours for most, with 3-6 inches awakening us on Friday morning. Drifts are possible as well, as it may be quite windy. Bundle up!





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