Top Rockford News for February 19th, 2013

topnewsDaily news provided from multiple sources in the Rockford area. Positive impacts, prospering people, and growing personalities.

All news links posted are local people, organizations, and ideas making a difference in the community.

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What Can Detroit Learn From Youngstown?: Youngstown, Ohio provides an example for cities in poverty, with plans to “move beyond the feelings of injustice, distrust, and loss”. What can Rockford learn from Youngstown?

Gas Prices hitting hard: Gas prices are averaging $3.90, something I don’t think we have seen since Hurricane Katrina times. I wrote a post on this in March of 2012, offering a couple tips on saving gas money. When I wrote it, gas was averaging around $3.60.


The search for the Utopias beer: Georgette Braun hunts for the rare Utopias beer, claimed by Samuel Adams to be the “strongest naturally fermented beer to date”. Georgette also gives insights on where you might find them here in Rockford!


Weather is a crazy SOB today!: It appears that we are paying for our warmer weather on Monday, as today we have seen snow, frozen car doors, and a nice breeze as well…

Fire safety a must, especially in winter: The Office of the State Fire Marshall lays out some tips and plans on how to stay safe in the situation of a fire.

Business & Government

Governor Quinn re-thinking casino bill: Senator Dave Syverson states that Governor Quinn may be more willing to work out a deal for a casino bill, which would bring a casino to Rockford.



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