Top Rockford News for February 17th, 2013

topnewsDaily news provided from multiple sources in the Rockford area. Positive impacts, prospering people, and growing personalities.

All news links posted are local people, organizations, and ideas making a difference in the community.

The Rockford Blog




Sports tourism bill goes to Springfield, again: Rockford and Loves Park could see a $43 million sports facility expansion, at the cost of higher taxes on hotels

Business & Government

Don Manzullo earns lifetime service award: After two decades, Don Manzullo will be leaving politics. He earned a lifetime service award for his service. (Video)


Conceal & carry coming to Illinois?: Ricky Davis hosts training classes to help Rockford citizens catch up on some gun training (Video)

Coyotes coming closer to us for food: Watch out! Your little puppy may be in danger. Coyotes are searching for food closer to home due to a drought and loss of food in their habitats. (Video)


Group collaborate to draft ideas at Mendelssohn: A group of individuals who draft ideas together, called a “charrette”, will be getting together February 20th to discuss how to use the newly acquired part to their campus, the former First Presbyterian Church.


Local men strive to help teenagers in Rockford: Local religious leaders are looking for ways to reach into the lives of our youth to help them apply for college and create awareness of social issues such as poverty.


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