Top Ten Activities to Enjoy in Rockford, Illinois – Part Two – Museums of Art, History, and Science

**This is Part 2 of a 10 part series

People think that there may not be too much to do here in our hometown of Rockford, Illinois. However, there have been many shouts of anger from people who do things in Rockford that make a difference and want you, the average Rockford citizen, to enjoy activities and events that they take the time to work on, implement, and ultimately impress us with cultural and artistic elements. From music, to art, to poetry and spoken word, to family fun & friendly events, museums, orchestras, stand-up comedy, motivational groups, ice skating, swimming, and all-around community togetherness are just some of the things available for us to pass the time.

“But Dan?!”, you ask. “How on Earth do I find out about these events?”

Well, thankfully for you, my readers, I am opening up this post to provide you information on where, who, and how to get in touch with your community. This second post focuses on something you can enjoy by yourself, with friends, and especially with family: Rockford Museums of Art, History, and Science.

Midway Village Museum

“Rockford’s History Museum” began in 1968 when local historical societies began collecting and preserving Rockford’s history. From here it grew into the village we know today, which represents what a typical Northern Illinois town looked like in the 1800’s to the 1900’s. I have been to this museum on a number of occasions for class field trips, family get-togethers, and general curiosity. What struck me the most about this place is how much information is available for us to learn about our own local history. Video explains it all below:

This is a great place for the family, and is actually a very popular landmark in the Rockford area. Learning the history of your city is just as important as learning world history. Know where your community started so you can learn where you are headed.

Rockford Art Museum

Between Heaven and Earth

This is an art work from Chicago native Michele Feder-Nadoff entitled “Between Heaven and Earth”

I will admit. I have never been here. But on a countless number of occasions I have seen the impact this museum has on people who view its collections. The Rockford Art Museum is a non-profit and public museum that is supported by donations and memberships and promotes growth in the community through artistic and educational elements.

TODAY (February 15th, 2013) as a matter of fact, marks the 100th OFFICIAL anniversary of the Rockford Art Museum.





Also noteworthy of mention: The 72nd Young Artist Show, a Rockford tradition that showcases artistic talent from high school students as well as younger students, opens Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 for the High School Division, and Sunday, April 14th, 2013 for the Youth Division.



Discovery Center Museum

The Discovery Center has long been a childhood attraction for many kids in Rockford. There was nothing like watching your favorite buddy stick his hands on the electric ball and seeing his hair sky rocket off his scalp. Even today, I still love the twirling stairs and the shadow pictures, as well as the gigantic playground outside. Needless to say, this is the perfect outing for a family on a weekend getaway from home.

Recently, the PNC Foundation granted the Discovery Center with a $30,000 grant to support the Early Childhood Program in conjunction with the Rockford Public School District.

Other Area Museums:

Burpee Museum of Natural History: A museum that gives you a glimpse into Earth’s history through dinosaurs,  North American history, and geoscience. Even learn about what the area of Rockford looked like millions of years ago through; apparently we would have needed to know how to swim!

Anderson Japanese Gardens: Find inspiration in the beautiful gardens. It is at Anderson Japanese Gardens where I hear you will find peace of mind. I have been to a couple of events here, and each time I left feeling more calm due to the unstressful environment.


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