Top Rockford News for February 12th, 2013

topnewsDaily news provided from multiple sources in the Rockford area. Positive impacts, prospering people, and growing personalities.

All news links posted are local people, organizations, and ideas making a difference in the community.

The Rockford Blog


Harlan Jefferson: Black History Month Music Festival: Rock Valley College will host a music festival in honor of Black History Month on Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 in the Student Center Atrium (main campus).


Amateur sports complex coming to Rockford in 2014: Former Ingersoll building will be filled as a sports complex in fall 2014 on the Rock River in downtown Rockford.

Arts & Culture

Rockford’s Brian Hampton Photography: Brian Hampton is a wildlife photographer from Rockford, Illinois. This CNN video expresses his passion for wildlife and photography, as well as his intent on living a life of giving by using his pictures to fund raise for a number of charities. (Video)

Business & Government

Rockford passes budget with geo-policing amendment: Alderman pass a budget for 2013 that will split the police department into thirds. (Video)

City of Rockford awarded Special Achievement Award:  McClure Engineering Associates as well as the City of Rockford is awarded by the Illinois Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies for our Riverwalk design.


Repairing Rockford Schools: Corina Curry of the Rockford Register Star discusses minimizing design fees in order to save money for real repairs in our Rockford schools.


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