Rockford Events for Friday, February 8th, 2013

Today in Rockford, Friday, February 8th, will prove to be full of entertainment and culture. Here are a few events going on, involving a certified poetry slam, a silent auction for art that will benefit the local Rockford College Art Gallery, and the beginning of a fundraising effort to send local art group “Fatherless” to London for the PICK ME UP graphic arts fair at the Somerset House in London, UK.

February Slam at the Bookworm Bakery & Cafe (6PM-8PM)

6685 East State Street, Rockford, Illinois 61108

Rockford’s only certified poetry slam takes place the second Friday of every month from 6-8 PM and features top local poets competing. And YES, this poetry slam CAN help you get to national poetry slams! Rules are as follows (taken from the Facebook event page):

– Prepare 3 poems for 3 rounds.
– Each poet will perform and be scored by judges from the audience on a scale of 0-10. The lowest scored poet(s) per round will not continue to the next round.
– Each poem must be the poet’s original work.
– 3 minutes (with a 10 second grace period) per poem, or face a point deduction.
– Poems must be memorized, or face a point deduction.
– No musical accompaniment, props, or costumes.

Rockford Heart Art 2013 at the Clark Arts Center (6PM-9PM)

5050 East State Street, Rockford, Illinois 61107


Tonight, take part in a “silent auction of original works of art with proceeds benefiting the Rockford College Art Gallery.” You may impress your Valentine this year by uncovering an awesome piece of love, or if you are single, you can always save it for next year!

Tickets are $10 at the door, or only $3 for students. The reception is from 6PM-9PM, and bidding for the ‘Heart Art’ will end around 8:15PM.

Apparently there are some extremely talented artists who have donated their works for this event, so please come on out and support a local art movement!

London Calling | Fatherless at the Rockford Art Deli (6PM)

403 East State Street, Rockford, Illinois 61104


Fatherless” (full article coming soon!) is a local “posse of artists, designers, graffiti writers, and educators”. From April 18th to April 28th, the Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival will be hosted in London and will feature the ultimate ‘celebration of graphic art, design, and illustration’.

This event is the beginning of a fundraising campaign to send this talented and, can I say..LOCAL! group to London so that they may take part in such an extravagant opportunity. Please check out their Kickstarter Project for Fatherless in London and donate if possible, OR pass the link on to your friends and family.

Tonight is a busy night for the Rockford cultural movement. I understand the above events drop around the same time…but HEY! They are all on East State Street, and all events can benefit each other through the community taking part.


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