‘All Kinds of Rock’ Band Uncle Larry Playing at Kryptonite Bar February 9th

Rockford has a big Midwest musical act coming into town this weekend from Milwaukee and they will be playing at Kryptonite Bar! I was lucky enough to have Billy Judge Baldus reach out to me for the fantastic info provided below. Come on out this Saturday for dancing and hula hooping!

Milwaukee based surf/punk/art/rock band Uncle Larry will be playing at Kryptonite Bar this Saturday, February 9th.

What is Uncle Larry?

Pixies, Nirvana and Talking Heads mixed in a blender with a pinch of David Bowie and a dash of Buddy Holly. Uncle Larry puts on high energy shows that get the crowd dancing and participating. Along with an excellent musical performance shows also feature a visual stage set and the band members dressed in coordinated outfits for the performance. Their sets fluctuate between high powered rockers to soft pretty ballads and smooth loungy grooves. Giving the crowd a nice tapestry of sounds, rhythms and tempos throughout the set. Hooping is also frequently seen at Uncle Larry shows.

A little about Uncle Larry:

Uncle Larry is an established and recognized Milwaukee band that has played over 130 shows. They have been played on a number of the cities radio stations and have been featured in the local media a number of times (http://unclelarry.org/news.html). Uncle Larry has also played in other cities and festivals around the Midwest including Chicago and St Louis. Their music video “At The Beach” (above) won Music Video Of The Year in the 2011 Milwaukee Music Awards. More recently Uncle Larry’s music video “Chandelier” was rated the 4th greatest hula hoop music video of all time by Los Angeles based blog Hooping.org.

Check out some other videos below:


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