Rockford Schools Looking Inside for a New Superintendent?

The search for a new Rockford School Superintendent is now underway as board members are looking within our own district for a new leader. This new leader must already have superintendent certification and also be an employee in District 205, and also be willing to take charge in our seemingly slow education system.

So what does this mean for students?

Well for one, they will have a leader that will know our education system. Being a part of that system is what can help them understand what changes should really be made. I expect to see this new superintendent tackle the same issues we’ve been tackling for years: low test scores, truancy, and school safety. But I would also like to see a new leader that will be able to persuade all other board members involved in making education decisions to do what is right. As with the case between Lavonne Sheffield and various members, changes to our education system were frequently ran into a wall due to disagreements and politics. Will our new Rockford School Superintendent have what it takes to turn our schools into a jaw-dropping success?

I believe that this new superintendent should focus on the parents. Teachers may have your child 8 hours a day at the most. What about the other 16 hours in the day? Of course, half of that can be attributed to sleeping, but…

Those few hours between after school and bed time should be a high priority time for parents to talk with their children who are in school. Learn about what they learned so that you can learn together. Learning promotes growth and growth promotes prosperity, so why not focus on parents and convince them that their children need the opportunity to prosper?

Our community has brightened in some, if not most, areas of our culture. But we have a dark side that uses black holes to prevent light from escaping into the rest of our community. High crime and poverty may go hand in hand. Our children may be the next step in moving past poverty. Education and culture are the tools we need to push our students farther than we have been.

If not  now, then when?


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