Jamie Campbell & The Redneck Romeos

Local area country rock band Jamie Campbell & The Redneck Romeos is taking off with audiences as their unique style and stage presence offers fans one of the best performances from an up-and-coming band.

Jamie Campbell himself started off on Country Music Television’s Nashville Star where he was able to compete with other artists. I was able to find an old article on the Internet that described his first experiences trying out for Nashville Star. Jamie ‘aced’ the interview with judges by answering: “If your life was a country song what would it be called?”

‘Jamie responded “I’m a lucky, lucky man,” because of his wife, Susan, and daughters Katreina, Brooke and Britnie.’ – Beloit Man Auditions for Nasville Star TV Show

Our very own local area is where his stardom began and he took his talents to a whole new level by getting together 4 other great musicians to form Jamie Campbell & The Redneck Romeos. Read band member bios from the band’s website below:

Jamie Campbell – Vocals


Jamie Campbell’s venture into commercial music followed his success as a finalist in the CMT competition, Nashville Star.  His popularity has been growing with every show.  His stage presence and strong voice engage everyone.  Jamie has personally opened for several National acts such as:  Justin Moore, Jamie Johnson, David Allan Coe Band, Randy Houser and more.  He has been blessed to sing at such venues as Cadillac Ranch in Nashville, Tootsies and more.  He is a local favorite at festivals and charity events as well.  His song choice and charming antics make every show a memorable event for everyone.  Jamie has the ability to take country to a whole new level with his stong voice and great vibe.

Mike Armato – Drums


Mike began playing drums at the age of 12.  After playing in his high school marching band it was recommended that he further his abilities.  He contacted Jack Brand (Author of Percussion Express) and continued to perfect his talent under his direction.  Mike has played with a variety of club acts and touring acts throughout the Midwest and shared the stage with many musical greats such as:  Rick Neilson, Pistol Pete, Great White, April Wine & Bret Michaels.  He has also opened for Jeffrey Steele, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Kellie Pickler and more.

Chris Puckett – Lead Guitar


Chris’s life would change forever  when he heard Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption” for the first time. Begging his  parents to let him use what little savings he had, he bought a cheap Peavey  guitar and an even cheaper Peavey amp. His parents, once again, tried to make  Chris take “real” lessons and sent him off to learn from an 80 year old jazz  teacher. Chris didn’t learn to play jazz, but the teacher learned how to play  “Eruption” from Chris before Chris stopped taking lessons again…..for the last  time. . He is  having the time of his life playing country for the first time…but every now and then, you’ll hear “Eruption”and Batman.

Mike Hysmith – Bass


Born and raised in Rockford, IL  Mike formed his first band at age 14.  He started playing guitar at age 13 and switched to bass after realizing that was his true talent.  His first live performance was at age 15 and he was hooked.  He has played with numerous local bands in Northern IL and Southern Wi and has finally found his true calling with Jamie Campbell and The Redneck Romeo’s.  He has been part of RAMI award winning bands such as Essie Ecks and has enjoyed every genre of music.  His early influences come from Kiss, Cheap Trick and John Cash.

Jacob Addis – Rhythm Guitar


Growing up in a Christian household where the sounds of the piano were prominent he learned to love music at an early age.   When he  was 14 one of my good friends dad let him borrow his expensive acoustic guitar. He  took it home and played it until my fingers were numb. Jake taught himself chords and songs all by ear. Learning to read not only sheet music, but also guitar tabs excelled him as a guitar player. He then studied with Pistol Pete to sharpen his skills more.  Jake then ventured into several local cover bands before finding his true fit with Jamie Campbell and The Redneck Romeos.

Jamie Campbell & The Redneck Romeos are a premiere country rock band in our local area. On August 8th, their new single, called “Miss Communication”, will be released to radio stations. They will be headlining the Illinois State Fair this year and have already been rockin’ out at Country Thunder!

It is very important to note that The Redneck Romeos have been signed by the popular country music label Nashville Record Label SMG Music Group – Spindoctors. Their first album, which is self-titled, will be released September 1st. Local fans should help push Jamie Campbell & The Redneck Romeos to the top of the charts by supporting their fan page on Facebook and following them on Twitter @JamieCampbellRR. Also, get out to see one of their shows!

Tour dates can be found here.

If you have a business or event coming up and would like to have them perform, contact Shelly Harper at shellyharper1@gmail.com or call 815-978-6506 to schedule a performance.


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