Seattle’s Best Coffee: The Red Cup Showdown Comes to Illinois State Fair


Food Network Star winner Jeff Mauro comes to host the Seattle’s Best Coffee Red Cup Showdown at the Illinois State Fair this coming August 10th and you may have a bright and golden opportunity. Coffee lovers… convince the panel of judges to send you to New York City to battle for the chance to have your coffee drink idea featured in Seattle’s Best Coffee locations around the country. All you have to do is have an awesome idea for a coffee drink; ideas will be judged by:

  • Appetite appeal
  • Uniqueness
  • Story behind the coffee drink idea

Four finalists from 4 state fairs as well as a finalist from Facebook will make up the competition in New York City and will be competing for a $10,000 Grand Prize! On top of the grand prize, our Illinois State Fair finalist will receive $500 and a full year of free coffee. I know a full year of free coffee will entice most of my readers to salivate over the idea. Bring your ideas and ammo to pitch the coffee idea to the judges and make this a memorable a fun competition among our community members!

In addition to the competition, families will be able to enjoy a wide range of activities and coffee drinks:

  • Cotton Candy Mochas
  • Elephant Ear Lattes
  • Caramel Pretzel Mochas
  • Pose for a free souvenir digital photo inside a red coffee mug
  • Spin the prize wheel to win from a variety of prizes
  • Receive a free sample of Levels ground coffee you can brew yourself

Note: The deadline to enter the competition is Sunday, July 15th. Enter at the Illinois Fair Book by clicking on the General Premium Book and scrolling to page 99. If you cannot be at the fair then you may enter on the Seattle’s Best Coffee Facebook page. Watch the video below for more info:


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