The Rockford Blog Meets Tech N9ne, Machine Gun Kelly, & the Strange Music Label


Krizz Kaliko




Stevie Stone


Machine Gun Kelly


TECH N9NE!!!!!

Oh snap! At the end of May I had the honor of meeting one of my favorite music artists of all time. The technician of Worldwide Choppers himself…TECH N9NE!! As you can see from the pictures above with Tech & the Strange Music crew, and MGK, my face seemed to be stuck in an awestruck moment:

All in all the show was amazing. What was even better about this day..even though I bought a VIP package to meet Tech N9ne and his crew I was able to catch up with him at a record store signing he took part with in Madison. Upon entering the basement, there was hardly anyone there!!! My older brother and I took advantage of this time to mingle with everyone from Tech N9ne to Krizz Kaliko, Prozak and Stevie Stone, and even Mayday (see above). My brother even gave Tech a sweet song idea (I’ll keep it to myself) and we think Mr. Yates liked it- CRAZY!!

I received numerous autographs- CDs, posters, fliers, and even pictures. I gave a signed copy of All 6’s and 7’s to my girlfriend, just because I am a sweet guy (and she bought my VIP package as a gift).

Here is one interesting note-
Track # 2 on All 6’s and 7’s entitled Technicians was produced by our Rockford’s own Christopher Soleternity. Wow, what an awesome achievement. I had the opportunity to listen in on a DJ workshop with Soleternity presenting his skills; he is a 10 year veteran in the producing game. To have a song on Tech N9ne’s album is well deserved.

TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. It’s insane when we meet our favorite stars and that somehow we’re connected to them! It’s great that Christopher S. is from Rockford! Shout out to suburban talent! Great pics by the way too!

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