Rockford Teacher Strike

This morning I woke up to a perceptive and peculiar sound coming from the living room..the sound of noise at an oh so early hour..and the realization that Rockford teachers throughout our city are striking for the day.

See, my younger brother is home this Thursday just as so many other students are..probably enjoying their extravagant extended weekend. But I have to wonder to myself: what happens next?

Our Rockford students, already hurt by low test scores and high truancy rates, are now missing out on even more education? Now..I believe that our teachers should have proper motivation because it is difficult for anyone to remain involved in their profession without intrinsic and extrinsic incentives.

The Board of Education should have anticipated this action and prevented the teachers from striking by proposing contracts sooner. Instead, they chose to push our city educators to strike, allowed already declining education to be stepped on further, and effected day cares, parents, siblings, and careers.

Perhaps the negotiations will finally end with this unsurprising teacher strike. But why do we as Rockford citizens have to be punished by simple acts of life. C’mon Board, you were gonna offer them your proposal anyways. You could of done it sooner. But how long will you wait now that schools are empty and pickets are visible? Four weeks?

For those Rockford citizens that were still in school in 1984, you might remember having a stupendous spring break. Remember? 4 weeks of awesome teacher striking? Sleeping in early? Eating breakfast late? No homework?!?! Man, I sure wish I had a teacher strike when I was in school. Right about now I would still be sleeping, no worries in the world, no school to attend, no teachers’ giving me dirty looks..but this is just my inner child speaking to me.

Today I am older and much wiser than I was in high school and I realize how these situations effect the immediate lives of families in Rockford. Let’s do us all a break and call it where it stands. Reward our teachers for their work and let us focus a bit more attention on our students.

Give our students knowledge because only then will they have power.


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  1. I come from the school generation that had no kindergarten — then 12 years later, the School Board decided to cut all sports and extracurricular activities. Ever try having a homecoming dance when there wasn’t a homecoming game? I did — as the one in charge of student council at the time, I was charged with trying to keep student morale up.
    Let’s not let this school generation suffer like those in 1977, 1984 did —

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