Occupy Rockford

“Democratic governments derive its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth.” Declaration of Occupation

Above is a quote from Occupy Rockford’s Declaration of Occupation. The movement is a big one in our country and Rockford is no exception to the greed of corporations in America. Corporations are increasingly playing a huge part in what laws our American government is putting into place for us citizens to follow.

Irony: we pay taxes to our government, who make laws for us to follow, who are influenced by corporations that usually pay less taxes. Why should the 1% of the world make the rules for the rest of us to follow? This is where Rockfordians play their part with the movement: Occupy Rockford.

We have a right to peacefully assemble. Rockford, the 3rd largest city in Illinois, has a huge voice that amounts to substantial sound in our country. We just need to be heard. This means we need voices!

The more corporations take hold of our government the sooner our country will turn into a running business. This has already separated the lower class from the upper class and is increasingly diminishing the amount of those in the middle class. These corporations believe that money makes the world go round. But that’s not true!

Rockford, take a part in this movement. These issues affect us all. Be sure to check out occupyrockford.org to donate time, money, or supplies to the movement.


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