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Six beers and the majority of dancers seeming glamorously attractive, Rockford music band Pablo & the Rhythmix cured any hangover with tunes that would have otherwise insisted itself upon my Sunday morning. With elaborate guitar solos, sassy saxophone melodies, and daring drum beats accompanied with unmatched bass playing and killer keyboards, Pablo & the Rhythmix kept the crowd in awe last night at the Town Hall Lounge in Loves Park. Not to mention the supreme vocalists who complete the fantastic array of hits from the 1950s to modern jams we hear today.

A few of my personal favorites of the night:

Mustang Sally
Stand By Me
Hey Ya!
Forget You
The Way You Make Me Feel
Billie Jean

I wanted to give readers a short bio of each member of the band, so I got in touch with the bass player and booking agent, Lisa Alcaraz, who was very helpful in providing this information! Check out the members of Pablo & the Rhythmix:


Pablo Alcaraz (Leader, Vocals, Saxophone, Keys, Flute) – Served 20 years in the Army Bands (played saxophone, french horn, and conducted); Graduated in Music Performance at Hampton University, Hampton, VA. Pablo has played in several bands while living on the East Coast. Bands in the Rockford area that he has been a member of include: The Missing Links and Rocktagious.

Lisa Alcaraz (Bass Guitar and Booking Agent (815)289-9266) – Lisa has played the guitar since she was 15 years of age, however this is her first band. She has always been a supportive band wife (married to Pablo), but a few years ago she was inspired by Pablo to pick up the bass, brush up her skills, and join the fun.

Brian Bentley, aka “Flex” (Frontman, Vocals, Aux Percussion) – Brian has always had a passion for music. Growing up in his household, the record player was always turning. Currently, Brian is a local DJ and immediately impressed Pablo & Lisa. After seeing “Flex” sing and perform two songs, they knew he would be a perfect fit for this band. Brian’s enthusiasm, creativity, top-notch performing skills, and his superior ability to connect with and engage the audience are not common traits to be found. There is only one Flex Bentley in the Rockford area and we are very lucky to have him!

Ben Medina (Guitar) – Has played the guitar since he was 8 years of age and was initially taught by his dad. He has always had a love for music and a great ear for picking things up. After having a family, he put his guitar playing on the back burner for a few years, but after being asked by Pablo, a good friend of his, to become a member of Pablo & the RHYTHMIX, he is back in full swing and loving every minute of it! Ben’s favorite influences are: Robert Buck of 10,000 Maniacs and Mr. Rick Rhoads–in his opinion, the greatest guitarists of all time!

Rick Rhoads (Guitar, Vocals) – Rick started playing guitar when he was just a small boy, playing gospel music with his dad in church. Music heavily influences his life, as can be seen by his numerous current local bands such as Pablo & the Rhythmix, Frontiers, and Pennie May Dixon. Through these bands he can play the genres he loves most: country, classic rock, and mixes up genres with the Rhythmix. He has also been a part of other popuar local bands such as The Missing Links and Total Axcess. Rick’s unique ability to make jaws drop through his solos make listening to Pablo & the Rhythmix that much more entertaining.

Ryan Rodriguez (Drums, Vocals) – Ryan began playing the drums when he was 6 years of age. He has played with several bands in the Rockford area, to include: Galaxia, Revolucion De Amor, The Missing Links, and Treacherous Friends. Ryan is a very experienced musician and always lays down a solid beat, even while doing tricks! Keep an eye on him, as you never know when he’ll be jumping from his stool, playing one-handed, or twirling his sticks around.

Pablo, Rick, and Ryan have played together in the past and have always played well together and enjoyed playing together. The three of them are extremely pumped to be performing in the same band together again.

What makes Pablo & the RHYTHMIX special is the people in it–they have great chemistry, and work very well together. Everyone is open-minded, respectful of other’s ideas, and each member is very dedicated to the band.

The band members are also extremely fortunate to have supportive spouses and families who are willing to do what it takes to help out the band, whether it means helping with photos and videos, designing fliers, helping create stage props, promoting the band, and giving up family time.

A priority of Pablo & the RHYTHMIX is to mix it up and to always have fun! They play a little bit of everything, to include: Funk, Country, Disco, Pop, Rock, and Oldies. Some of their songs are from the 1950’s all the way to today’s hits. If you come to one of their shows, you will definitely have a smile on your face and have an enjoyable time.

During the show last night, ladies and gents, this band had the crowd so pumped that at one point, dancers formed a circle and took turns showing their moves in the middle. When dancers weren’t on the floor, it was taken over by Brian Bentley, otherwise known as Flex.

Flex takes over the dance floor as he performs hits from Michael Jackson and never fails to astonish the crowd with his unimaginable MJ like dance moves. The crowd last night, needless to say, was left breathless. And Pablo, MAN can he jam out on the saxophone!

So if any of you Rockfordians need a dancing night out then come to one of the gigs listed below. You will NOT be disapointed! Also, check out their Facebook page for more pics and news:
Pablo & the Rhythmix Facebook Page

Future Gigs:

Sat, March 10 – Bootie’s Main Tap, Pecatonica
Sat, April 7 – Shooter’s @ Cherrybowl, Rockford
Fri,April 13 – Mustang’s Bar & Grill, South Beloit
Sat, April 28 – Town Hall Lounge, Loves Park



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  1. As one of the many dancers out on the floor and a breathless spectator during Flex’s performance of Michael Jackson’s songs at Town Hall on Saturday, March 3rd — I must agree that going out and listening/dancing to Pablo and the Rhythmix is well worth the effort. I was invited out by my son (who writes this blog) and his girlfriend and was very glad that I did!

  2. I am so proud of this band, they work very well together. My husband is Rick the guitar player and he wows me everytime I hear him play and sing. This band is alot of fun everyone dances and sings right along. You have to come see this band, you will be smiling all night,


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