Gas Prices Hitting Home


Rising gas prices equal rising tempers here in Rockford. According to this Rockford Register Star article, gas prices are pushing close to $4 per gallon.

Will we see this before summer?

With the disputes over Iran’s nuclear programs gas prices have skyrocketed in the past couple weeks causing distress at the pumps as well as at home. Businesses are being affected, families are being affected, everyone is being affected!! Especially in Rockford. So what can we do?

How to Save on Gas Money

1) Take less frequent trips. How? Instead of going out every couple days for groceries, try buying them all at once (if possible). Prepare beforehand and gather a list of everything you need to do within a given week…and then do it all in one drive! I understand time is valuable and time can also be restricted. But hey, as they say, TIME is MONEY.

2) Take the bus or car pool. Now, taking the bus may be unheard of for those who have their own transportation, but think about. A couple dollars for the drive to your destination and back. Or if you car pool, gas can be splitted among many, substantially decreasing the amount you spend. Coordinate with your peers about trips you may need to take. Talk to neighbors! If you both need to go from Kilburn Ave. to Cherryvale Mall, go together with an agreement of splitting fuel.

3) Fill up those gas cans! This can be iffy, especially when you are unsure about where gas prices are headed. At the moment, however, it looks like they are heading nowhere except to the skies. Filling up those gas cans with fuel at $3.60/gallon will save you a few dollars when gas hits $3.80/gallon.

A couple tips for the next time you venture out for the gruesome gas. Good luck!


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  1. Well, that means fewer trips for me then — hope prices don’t go very high during the summer — will put a crimp in the plans to go north and west for family stuff.

  2. Thanks Dan. We live out in the country so very rarely venture back out once we’re home from work. As a home care nurse I get mileage based on the federal guidelines. But it doesn’t seem to add up. When gas was around $2.50 I was getting 50 cents a mile. Now gas is approaching $4 and they increased our reimbursement a whole nickel! Hmmmmm . . .

  3. Doesn’t make sense to me either! Deb, Tammy, thanks for commenting!

  4. High has prices in Rockford. The problem isn’t overseas. I travel the U.S. Every week,as soon as I get out of Rockford & Chicago area the gas price goes down. We are higher than most States around. New Jersey has a state law you can’t pump your own gas. Every station is full service, and they are 15 to 25 cents below us.
    I say ask our money grubbing politicians why they have limos and continue to keep our prices so high.


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