Month: March 2012

Rockford Teacher Strike

This morning I woke up to a perceptive and peculiar sound coming from the living room..the sound of noise at an oh so early hour..and the realization that Rockford teachers throughout our city are striking for the day. See, my younger brother… Read More ›

Christopher D. Sims

Art exists in an infinite number of formations. Life itself, some would say, is an art. Music and images, both influential in most of our lives, are artistically created to provide positive feelings for those listening or glancing upon its… Read More ›

Occupy Rockford

“Democratic governments derive its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth.” Declaration of Occupation Above is a quote from Occupy Rockford’s Declaration of Occupation. The movement is… Read More ›

Steve’s Auto Repair

A remarkable experience was found on this absolutely wonderful weathered Tuesday with one of Rockford’s best auto repair shops, Steve’s Auto Repair. I was attracted to Steve’s Auto Repair through promotions on their Facebook page and decided they would be… Read More ›

Pablo & the Rhythmix

Six beers and the majority of dancers seeming glamorously attractive, Rockford music band Pablo & the Rhythmix cured any hangover with tunes that would have otherwise insisted itself upon my Sunday morning. With elaborate guitar solos, sassy saxophone melodies, and… Read More ›

Our City, Our Story

Residents of Rockford, Illinois still have hope. After being named the 9th most dangerous and 9th most miserable city in the ENTIRE country, residents here believe it is a fact that Rockford has a very unique story in front of us… Read More ›