Rockford Facts: 5 Things You Can Do To Help Rockford

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Sorry about the delayed post. I hope you enjoyed and used the last post to stay away from the zombies over Thanksgiving!

I also hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and ate so much they had to unbutton their pants in front of grandma…

Let’s get it rollin’!

There are things in this world that we will never know about. We know things that we should never have known and do not know things that we should always know.

Make sense? Think about it and let me know if you know what I know I’m talking about. Otherwise, just dive into how you can help your city.

5 Things You Can Do To Help Rockford

1)Learn Rockford’s history

Our history is important. We must know where we have been and see our failures in order to correct our mistakes. Plus, history can be fun. =)

The name “Rockford” was inspired by the rocky ford across the Rock River. It was given by Dr. J.C. Goodhue, who was meeting with a couple of the very first people to settle in the Rockford area. Did anyone else know that?

2)Leaders – Don’t make BAD decisions!

I am talking to our governor, our mayor, and those in Rockford with followers. If you can make a difference, do not make a bad decision. If you can bring business into our city and create jobs, why would you not do that? However, I am no politician. Don’t regret missed opportunities. The title would have been Make Good Decisions but I think we should take small steps at a time.

And if you are not a politician or someone who has a lot of followers you can still make a difference by vocalizing your concerns with those who are in a better position to make a difference.

3)Support local businesses

The true nature of what the American dream is supposed to be is entrepreneurship. Support those people who own businesses by shopping at their stores and spread the word about what they offer. Don’t let Big Brother take over your life! I know we all like WalMart but we have to have some sort of alternative!

4)Go Green

It is no wonder that the go green initiative is everywhere in the world. States, countries, and whole continents are evolving into a green state of mind that will in turn (hopefully) create a better life for Planet Earth in the future. Saving the planet starts with each one of us! First, let’s save a city. Here’s what you can do:

1. Change your light bulbs! Technology has been improving so quickly that it now costs less to keep your lights on. Search for LED bulbs in Google.

2. Keep a trash bag in your car! I know, I know. It is dreadful having to toss that candy wrapper in the side of the door. But don’t throw it out the window! Keep a small bag in your car for dire situations such as the one described above.

3. Recycle- I am sure everyone has heard about recycling before. But it is of such vital importance that we all start recycling (including myself) so we can save our precious earthly minerals. Throwing away paper is like throwing away a bath towel you have only used once!

5)Respect Fellow Citizens

The violence in Rockford even has myself a bit frightened to find myself alone anywhere. I believe our senses are heightened now that we have heard all the stories about what’s been happening in Rockford. Be mindful and respect other citizens of Rockford. We may all be different in some ways, but we all want to survive right? Nothing is greater than a human life, let’s try to save some of them.

That’s it everybody. I encourage anyone who reads this to include their own ways to make things better for Rockford in their comments.

Until next time, boo-yah!

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