Rockford News: Wounded Warrior Project

It turns out there is still hope for the city of Rockford. People like Loves Park resident Philip Szpicki is the proof that good people still exist. According to Julia Hunter from the Rockford Register Star, Mr. Szpicki’s tremendous journey from Rockford to all 3 of the 9/11 crash sites is almost completed. Starting on August 31st, Philip left Rockford to embark on a walk that would help raise money for a charity that serves to help injured service members. The Wounded Warrior Project will be receiving all donated money that Philip has collected during his journey.

Although he is disappointed about the amount he has received thus far he has currently raised over $5,000. I  believe that everyone in Rockford and the surrounding areas should be thankful to have this type of person be a member of our community. He is a retired police officer at 70 years old and as of today, Philip Szpicki has walked from Rockford to Washington D.C. in order to take care of those who paid for our freedom in blood.

Find out what keeps him going in the Rockford Register Star link below:

Loves Park man walking to 9/11 sites is almost done

I hope everyone takes a chance to think of what you can personally do to better your community. If every citizen of Rockford would participate in one small donation of money, time, or wisdom, then the difference being made would be astounding. Pray for Philip Szpicki’s safe return home. He shows us that we all have a little courage left.

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5 replies

  1. I’m a lifelong Rockford native with several generations before me….I love reading interesting facts about the area, including Winnebago county and Boone.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. What an amazing fact about our community. I am glad to see someone take a positive interest and report positive facts as opposed to the negative media that is continually portrayed regarding Rockford. Thank you for your time in creating this blog.

  3. UPDATE!!! Philip Szpicki has finished his long journey to ground zero! Read the article found in the link below:

    Also, check out Philip Szpicki’s website:

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